How 6,000 Bees Changed Our Lives: guest post by Tracy Daves

Our family of 5 has grown. We recently added 11 chicks and 6000 bees!

Say chiiiiiiicks!!

6,000 honey bees loaded on the back of our truck










When my husband recovered from a major health scare,we decided to pursue our dream of a small farm: fresh multi-colored  eggs, raw local honey, simpler times, and unplugged kids.

Our own fresh eggs!



We are currently on the hunt!
So, Southern Living does not mean sacrificing style. Mama likes clean design and modern amenities. I love on-trend 12×24 tiles, quartz counters, tuxedo cabinets, herringbone back splashes, farmhouse sinks and of course beautiful, low-maintenance family friendly floors.



Farmhouse dreaming – talk about inspiration!

Barn doors.. yes!

My dream farmhouse tub










Nothing screams farmhouse more than a light-washed wood in hickory or white oak. The high color variation. The graining and character. The mineral streaks. The knot holes.

I’m currently crushing on Shaw’s Memorial Hickory and Kingston Oak hardwood for my farm dream home due to their longer and wider boards. Shaw Floors has so many looks from transitional to modern to my fave rustic…Yee-haw!

My current crush

So how are you chasing your dream? What are you waiting for? Go for it! Giddy up!

Thanks so much,

Tracy is the Director of Design & Marketing for Shaw Floors- East Coast Division. For more ideas on farmhouse decor and development check out this blog post and visit Shaw Floors


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Kate Merritt Davis

I love this gorgeous pink painting in my room by Kate Merritt Davis. I found it on a recent trip to St. George Island with friends and family, and a rainy day lead us to Apalachicola to shop.  I was head over heels over this find! I wanted to put it in a special place, where I would get to see it all the time, so as of today, it hangs above my bed!!  My bed is topped with Pine Cone Hill linens, Trina Turk and Lilly Pulitzer pillows, and I think the piece matches perfectly!


This artwork is s a non-representational form of rich color and graphite lines captured on panels of wood.  Kate Merritt Davis currently works out of her studio in Irondale, Alabama, while tending a rambling garden in the company of her husband and their three dogs.

I love all of her work! Click here to see more and shop. P.S. Tell her I sent you!





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Celebrity Spotlight: Guest Post by Tracy Daves

I was so excited recently to visit with the Marketing and Design With Color group and discuss color, trends, and Shaw Floors. We clicked instantly! Why?

Lucy and Tracy at the International Builder Show, long time working relationship and friendship!

I’m a little obsessed, you could say, with style and design. I want spaces to feel cozy and pretty.
I believe floors can do all of the above because flooring is in every room of your dwelling space. So why not design from the ground up and start your inspiration there.
Are you vibing with the grey trend? (I hate to even call it a trend because it is the most talked about color in the past 25 years!) It freshens and modernizes every color on the spectrum. It can be silver, cool, warm, light, dark, or even metallic. Shut up. So versatile! So how are you using grey?

Your world Pebble Hill

And white. Don’t get me started on how clean and cool it is. Mama likes: white cabinets, white counters, white oak floors, subway tiles, a crisp white t-shirt with jeans. I could go on and on. A classic. Infuse white in your decor for a fresh look. Every color pops with it.


White Hot 2015

And my new obsession, Shaw Floors 2017 color of the year… Lush! Sustainable, healing, environmental, richly saturated, serene, happy (Kate Spade-esque) bringing-the-outside-in, natural green. What a fun accent of color for a rug, a bath bomb, your next pedicure, a new coat, or a Joanna Gaines inspired simple wreath on a mantle. Can you see it? Can you feel it? I’m all in!


Thanks so much,
Tracy Daves is the Director of Design and Marketing for Shaw Floors for the East Coast. She is a time juggling wife and mom that travels extensively chatting up designers on trends in home decor and flooring. You may have seen her showcasing Shaw Floors on HGTV’s Smart and Green Homes or on Lifetime’s Designing Spaces.
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love is in the air today and everyday with Marketing and Design with Color.

Dynamic and fun photo shoots always make for the best pictures.. our secret locations help to!

Contact us today, lets shoot!

Happy Valentines Day

XOXO- Lucy




Frank Houser Camellia

Marketing and Design With Color named the streets at Old Town Columbus, a Southern Living Inspired Community, after camellias, and planted the camellias that are the names we selected.

This is Frank Houser. If you’re like most of us, and a fan of big blooms, then you will absolutely love this camellia.

“Frank Houser” has some of the largest blooms ever seen on any camellia species! The mixture of red-rose-fuchsia on a huge bloom (can be up to 9” wide!) creates a decorative touch unlike any other.

All of the streets at Old Town Columbus are named after famous camellia varieties, and Frank Houser is known for producing some of the largest blooms of all camellias.

Stay tuned for pictures of our next camellias that are getting ready to bloom! We are excited to share with you all the varieties that we have planted throughout the Old Town community.

Can you tell us what is located at Massee Lane in Columbus, GA? If you know the answer, contact me and let me know. I will send you a freebie if your answer is correct!!

The American Camellia Society is located in Fort Valley, GA., and Massee Lane Gardens is the Historic Headquarters of the American Camellia Society.





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Kelly Green

I love Kelly Green!! My favorite coffee cup is a Kate Spade mug that is Kelly green that says “live life colorfully!” I recently needed a great green for a fun zone in a fitness center so I took the cup to the paint store to match!

Indoor basketball at Swallowtail Flats!! Photo by moi :)

Indoor basketball at Swallowtail Flats!! Photo by Nathan Leduc

It’s a great easy way to be sure you get a color you love!  Another couple great kelly greens are Jolly Green by Sherwin-Williams and Fresh Lime by Benjamin Moore.

As you know by now I love color, just about any color, however there are a few that I don’t even consider colors!  Ask a friend or email me and I will be happy to share.  You know, I don’t like spreading negativity!





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International Orange

I found a giant paint index recently as an ad for Pier 1 Imports and it had 108 paint colors, oh happy day! At the bottom of the page it said look at for the paint formulation of international orange, what a fun thing to know, so I did just that and my findings are below!

Photo credit: Louis Raphael

Photo credit: Louis Raphael

When the steel for the Golden Gate Bridge was fabricated by Bethlehem Steel at its foundries in PA and NJ, the steel was coated with a red lead primer. As the bridge towers began to rise for the Golden Gate Bridge, the architect Irving F. Morrow was driving home from work in the East Bay via ferry. He was inspired by the red lead color. Morrow did many color studies, which resulted in the specification of the unique Golden Gate Bridge International Orange because it blended well with the nearby hills and contrasted with the ocean and sky.

As the bridge stands today, the color blends perfectly with the changing seasons and colors and the San Francisco skyline. I love it when something is just right!

The color named “International Orange” existed before the bridge (and still exists) and is a color used in the aerospace industry to set things apart from their surroundings, similar to safety orange, but deeper and with a more reddish tone.

The Golden Gate Bridge is painted Golden Gate Bridge International Orange!!

The final color was the result of many studies by architects, sculptors, engineers, painters, and others. It takes a village!!

The Golden Gate Bridge International Orange color is mixed to very specific requirements. The bridge has maintained its formula for GGB International Orange through many years. But don’t worry… the requirements are not proprietary, and anyone can formulate and use the color!! In fact, the color formula is listed on the website and I pulled it for you to see:

Here is the scoop:
CMYK colors are: C= Cyan: 0%, M =Magenta: 69%, Y =Yellow: 100%, K = Black: 6%.
The closest existing color codes to GGB International Orange color are:
PMS 173 (CYMK = 0%, 80%, 94%, 1%),
PMS 174 (CYMK 8%, 85%, 100%, 34%)
Pantone 180 (CYMK 19.4%, 77.9%, 79.6%, 3.6%)

If you absolutely love this color, but have no way to get a PMS or Pantone match,  you can purchase the closest off-the-shelf paint color, provided by Sherwin Williams. It is called “Fireweed” (color code SW 6328).

We had fun adding a pop of orange to a mini model in Old Town!  Photo by: Suzanne Jones

We had fun adding a pop of orange to a mini model in Old Town! Photo by: Suzanne Jones

Hire us today, and let us show you how to add a pop of color to make your space unique!!



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Repousse, 1828,, reh-pooh-ZAY, Kirk Stieff Company, acquired by Lenox in 1990, is the business descendant of two famous 19th century companies, Samuel Kirk and Son and The Stieff Company. Samuel Kirk and Son, founded in 1815, is America’s oldest silversmith. The Stieff Company, founded in 1892, is known for its exacting reproductions of historical patterns, many of which can be found in the Smithsonian, and its expertise with the repousse method of working silver.

We were hired to brand Old Town, in Columbus, GA and we named all the house plans after silver patterns! A few pieces of silver on the table enhance the feel of Southern Hospitality, each pattern comes with a story. The timeless elegance and old world sophistication sterling silver brings to the table and the home.

The Repousse model home was designed by Jennifer Schoenberger. It is my favorite house inside, not so much outside!  I love this pink room!

Photo: Nathan Leduc

I love this color!  The name alyssum is a versatile edging plant – easy, fast, dainty and dense.  Alyssum flowers continuously with a delicious fragrance!!

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